Approve attendance in the Parent Student Portal (PSP)

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Approve attendance in the Parent Student Portal (PSP)

  • In this article, we will show parents and guardians how to approve attendance in the Parent Student Portal (PSP)
  • To learn how students submit attendance in the PSP, go here

Note: Students will only submit attendance if they have been instructed to do so by their school. Parents and guardians can approve attendance after their student has submitted attendance for that week.

  1. Click Attendance from the left hand side menu.

    Arrow pointing at Attendance on the left hand side menu
  2. If you want to edit your student’s submitted attendance, click the hour and minute fields for the date you want to edit.

    Arrow pointing to the hours field on the Attendance page

    Type in the hours and minutes.
    Then click Approve.

    Arrow pointing to the approve button

    Once all attendance is approved, you will see that you have no attendance to submit.

    Highlighted text that reads, "You have no attendance to submit."
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